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Diablo Valley College's drama department, DVC Drama, is a theatrical training program dedicated to creating avenues for the aspiring young theatre artists. Our program prepares students for excellence in every aspect of theater with a myriad of creative design and performance opportunities. Students work with professionally trained and highly skilled faculty and staff. DVC Drama students have gone on to attend prestigious drama college programs such as Yale School of Drama, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Marymount University, University of Irvine, UCLA, USC, as well as acting conservatories such as Pacific Conservatory Theatre (PCPA). Our students have a solid history of becoming working professionals, booking jobs in national tours, regional theatres, theme parks, and the television and film industry.

The DVC Drama Program offers Technical Theater students opportunities to gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in all areas of the theater, from an overview of the multiple disciplines of theater and the collaborations within, to the various functions that make theater productions work.

DVC Drama is dedicated to creating avenues for aspiring theater professionals to explore and hone their skills and talents, while sharing their passion for live theater through programs that entertain, engage, and inspire our community. We produce a five show season, including at least one musical theater production, utilizing both the Performing Arts Center Main Stage and the intimate Arena Theater.

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MEET THE CAST: The Dynamites

The second weekend of HAIRSPRAY begins tomorrow. Tickets are selling fast don't forget to buy yours today! 💙💖

Oct. 21-Nov. 6

*Is this your first show? If no, what?

Kat Bautista: This isn't my first show ever, but it is my first DVC show!

Alyssa Fredzess: This isn't my first show, but it is my first musical! My first show was DVC Drama's production of Almost, Maine last season.

*What do you like/love most about Hairspray?

Ashley Watts: I love how upbeat and happy the show is, but mostly I love that there is a deeper meaning in the show and how no matter how big you are or what the color of your skin is, you can overcome any obstacles that come your way.

Kat Bautista: In general, I love the fun energy the show brings that makes not only the audience enjoy the show, but us performers as well!

*What is your absolute favorite moment/song in the show?

Alyssa Fredzess: This is a really tough choice, but if I had to choose one I would say "Timeless to Me". This song is absolutely hilarious, the relationship between Edna and Wilbur Turnblad is my favorite in this show and it's really fun to see that shown in this number.

Ashley Watts: I love being a dynamite and wearing my costume! So I love "Welcome to the 60's". But "Timless to me" is a gorgeous song!

*What are you excited for our audiences to see/hear/feel?

Kat Bautista: I'm excited for the audiences to be able to enjoy the show in general after all the hard work the cast, crew, and production team has put into it.

Alyssa Fredzess: I'm the most excited for the audiences to see the show altogether. This show is an EXTREMELY BIG show and a lot of hard work was put in by every single person who's been a part of it.

*What does Hairspray mean to you?

Kat Bautista: Hairspray to me is just one of those musicals that everyone should be able to do or see once in their life because of how fun it is, but also because of the historical importance it has.

Ashley Watts: Hope. Hope for a better future and also giving someone no matter what they look like, hope to finally be accepted for who they see and not their appearance.
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